Rhinoplasty, nose reshaping and nose jobs all refer to surgical changes made to the nose in order to provide improved function and improved cosmesis. There are essentially two types of rhinoplasty available. The most common is open rhinoplasty where a small incision is made under the nose in order to lift skin from the nose and provide access to all of the structural elements that require reshaping, augmenting or alteration. However, the approach undertaken by Dr Diamantis is called a closed rhinoplasty technique.

This approach makes incisions inside the nostrils but none of these are visible on the external skin. This approach has been employed by Dr Diamantis over the past twenty years after learning the craft in the United States in 1993.

Here in South Australia he has used his technique on the vast majority of patients following the commencement of his practice two decades ago. It is only on rare occasions that an external approach is required and certainly not for cosmetic-only rhinoplasty surgery.

Rhinoplasty surgery typically takes around two hours of theatre time but patients are generally discharged the day of surgery as there is little pain and little post operative swelling. It is advisable to take a minimum ten days off work. The aluminium splint that is applied at the time of surgery is removed at that stage.

Aesthetic Rhinoplasty for Women has adopted a policy of providing a dedicated telephone consultant to answer patients' questions prior to their first consultation with Dr Diamantis. Contact may be by means of either a dedicated telephone number or email address. Consultants can provide general information about the process including a guide on fees charged by Aesthetic Rhinoplasty for Women and the likelihood of rebates being available through your health fund. Our telephone consultant can also provide you with an appointment to see Dr Diamantis thereafter if you so wish.

Aesthetic Rhinoplasty for Women can therefore provide patients throughout Australia, and the Asia Pacific region with some of the information required to make a decision regarding rhinoplasty in general, which in turn may guide patients to see Dr Diamantis for his rhinoplasty expertise.

The decision to undergo a rhinoplasty, nose job or nose reshaping should not be made lightly. Dr Diamantis encourages all prospective patients to seek as much information as possible from the internet and then to contact the consultant for clarification of any issues that arise. If patients wish to proceed beyond this point then the consultant can make an appointment with Dr Diamantis at his East Terrace Rooms. At consultation Dr Diamantis will take photographs of the patient and discuss the type of changes that are being sought by the patient and relate these directly and honestly to what is possible when considering the aesthetic units of the nasal structure. At that stage patients may either elect to proceed to surgery as discussed, or spend further time considering the advice that has been given. Aesthetic Rhinoplasty for Women is a specialist surgical practice dedicated to providing functional and cosmetic rhinoplasty outcomes that meet or exceed patients' expectations. Its principal, Dr Kym Diamantis, is a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons and a member of the Australian Society of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery.

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